4-D Leadership

November 24, 2020


Jamey Rootes

In my new book, The Winning Game Plan, I discuss the concept of 4-D leadership. Basically, the most effective leaders lead up, down, out and across the organization. People often ask me, when leaders miss the mark, where do I typically see flaws. That’s a good question. I think the most common problem is the “kiss up”, “kick down”, “punch across”, “hug out” leader. They are all about their image with their boss and the out side world, but they are a terrible boss and teammate. A good way to identify these cancers and deal with them is a 360 degree evaluation. At the Texans, we evaluate evaluate every teammate in the organization as a Leadership team. This eliminates manager’s blind spots that are naturally and Purposefully created by the “kiss up”. Hope this helps. If so, there’s more. Go to Amazon.com today and pick up The Winning Game Plan today.