Have Passion in Your Life

November 19, 2020


Jamey Rootes

In my book, The Winning Game Plan, I make a concerted effort to communicate the importance of having passion in your life. The challenge is that “passion” might be the most misunderstood word in the dictionary. People think about passion and they imagine love, happiness, sex and other things that really aren’t connected to passion. You see, the Latin root word for passion is “Pati” which means to suffer and sacrifice for what you hold dear. Think about Christ. He died on the cross because he loved all of us so much. He was willing to suffer and sacrifice for man and for our sins. Once you identify what sparks this type of passion for you, you’re on your way. It really matters because when you are pursuing things that are big and important to you, you definitely will have to suffer and sacrifice to realize them. A friend told me one time, “When you visit with a great leader, don’t ask them how they got there. Ask them what they had to give up to get there.“ Want more? Visit amazon.com and pick up The Winning Game Plan today.